Large Board Screen Printer - ESE LX1

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ESE LX-1 handles a PCB size of 1000mm x 650mm, completing the range of Screen printers from ESE.

The LX-1 is physically smaller than the LX-3 yet boasts all the great benefits of the larger LX3 & LX5.

Utilising the Z clamp, Y clamp and vacuum clamps to ensure best possible print every time.

**Picture shown is an LX3**


Most stable & accurate Printing System
US-X has most stable printing table with 4 ball screws for Z1,Z2 table and additional 3 LM guides. Table each axis X, Y, Theta , Z1 and Z2 controlled by servo motor.
With this strong & stable table system, much high accuracy & repeatability of 0402/0603(mm) substantialized.

Fast & accurate COGNEX vision system
Simultaneous recognition of PCB and Stencil fiducial mark(3 lights for PCB 1 light for Stencil)Any mark shape can be recognized. Customer mark can be registered.

Convenient stencil change & Easy conveyor width adjustment
The system of useful stencil change and easy side conveyor width adjustment can assure to save your production time and much higher productivity.

2D inspection and Closed-Loop program with SPI

Real time 2D inspection system (Excess, Shortage, Bridge) / Non option
Automatic calibration system with a close-loop program with SPI program(Option)

Programmable Squeegee System

A programmable Squeegee system controlled by precision regulator, cylinder and servo motor for much better printing quality. Various customize squeegee blade available for higher productivity.

Maximized Effective Cleaning system

Automatic Control or Programmable Cleaning System Wet – Dry – Vacuum per production condition No clog Solvent nozzle and Even solvent spray.

Advanced-design, with programmable paper-saving features

US-X SPI Closed-Loop options

High printing quality – Solder Height & Volume Histogram graphs viewing. US-X has a SPI closed-loop program for automatic calibration in real time (Option).

New technology

Most useful ,convenient & stable Software based on Window 7 500GB PC hard disk – Almost all production data can be extracted.

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