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Date: 05 May 2015 · Category : All
Dialight Europe, Lighting Manufacturer based in Newmarket select ESE Screen Printer for their SMD Line.
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Date: 16 Apr 2015 · Category : All
Order received for a modified US-8500X Screen Printer to handle PCB size of up to 870mm in length for large board application.
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Date: 10 Apr 2015 · Category : All
We offer An Alternative solution to NEW machines! Stripped down, re-built and repainted to look almost like NEW Heltia in Sweden had a placement requirement but not enough budget for new, so opted for a reconditioned Samsung CP40CV
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Date: 27 Mar 2015 · Category : All
Order received for 6 Zone Folungwin Reflow Oven. The FL-VP660 reflow oven from Folungwin is a professional, high quality oven. 6 heating zone and two cooling zones. Small footprint but no compromise on quality.
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Date: 14 Mar 2015 · Category : All
Trading in a total of 5 machines against two NEW Samsung SM482 Pick and Place Machines made it a straight forward solution for this Wales Based CEM. The new line will have an optimum line Speed of 56'000cph.
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Date: 16 Feb 2015 · Category : All
Order received for one Samsung Flexible Mounter (SM482) PLUS a Multi Storey Tray Feeder making a high feeder count and flexible solution. 120 feeder positions and 20 Matrix Tray Positions.
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Date: 28 Nov 2014 · Category : All
LED Lighting manufacturer orders SMT Line due to expansion of their lighting business. Struggling for capacity but also with the requirement to assemble 1200mm assemblies, the combination of the Samsung SM482L and ESE LX3 was a good combination of machinery.
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Date: 20 Nov 2014 · Category : All
Well known LED Lighting manufacturer have today ordered an ESE LX-5 Fully Automatic Screen printer capable of handling 1500mm x 600mm PCB size. For them it will mean no more stitching of 600mm PCBs together, thus minimising their production time.
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